When in doubt, be vague.

“If you’re talking about Steven…”

Huh, I think that marks the first time I read the name “Steven” and thought of Steven the goldfish from The Adventure Zone before I thought of Steven Universe.

So who’s Steven? Is that her boyfriend?

Steven.  Regent could feel a reaction from Shadow Stalker at the name.  “I’m not talking about Steven.”  He put some inflection in the name.  He dropped the crossbow to one side, stepped away and stretched.  The mother didn’t budge from where she was pressed up against the wall.  “I’m going to my room.  Don’t disturb me.”

I wonder what sort of chaos he can stir from there.

He bent down and grabbed the mask, but he didn’t put it back on.  He stepped out into the hallway, and saw a vacuum cleaner parked in the corner.  An extension cord trailed from it to a neighboring room.  An office?  He unplugged the cord from the wall and the vacuum, and then headed upstairs, winding the cord into a simple coil.

Electricity would disrupt your control, right? Or was that too a lie?

Either way, not gonna be pleasant for Sophia if Regent decides to have her phase through that.

Or maybe he intends to trap her there for a while? Tie herself up like the Undersiders did with her before the mission, which means Sophia will have to call for help (if he makes that possible for her) if she wants to be let out?

Shadow Stalker’s body was a cocktail of emotion.  Fear, anger, anxiety, worry, panic and sheer fury.  Regent staved off the worst of the physical reactions, the trembling and the heavy breathing, and managed to make Shadow Stalker seem calm as she reached the top of the stairs.


Terry was up there in the hallway, staring, uncomprehending.

Oh boy, gonna say anything to him?

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