I wasn’t going to be able to have a conversation with this guy.

Pfft, yeah, no shit.

He doesn’t seem much for words.

Time for action, then?

“Fine.  Don’t care.  You’re threatening my people?  You’d better be ready to take me on.”

“Not scared of you!”

Only the fearless may proceed. Brave ones, foolish ones, both walk not the, uh, road that involves not taunting Skitter.

I shrugged, “Prove it.  Use that rusty thing on me.  Stab me.”

‘Cause as we all know, trying to cut her outfit worked out well for Shadow Stalker.

That said, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Taylor’s costume is slightly weaker to piercing than slashing damage. It seems like something could get in between the threads more easily than it could cut them.

He looked around at the crowd, hesitated.

“What?” I asked him.  “I thought you weren’t scared.”

Hehe. How does it feel to have your bravado challenged, big man?

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