LHC and I got to talking about The Baby Is You and it turned into… well, this. So to recap: Victoria, Amy’s lab-daddy and best friend, has to help Amy out after Amy makes herself pregnant with a child that is also Victoria. They sing a song as Amy reveals this to Victoria. Then Bonesaw shows […]

But two more copies of Hack Job had already appeared, and the scalpel spiders were responding to some unknown directions, leaping for Mark and Amy.

You guys are vastly outnumbered, right now, and the enemy can take your power away. You only really had that one shot.

Amy grappled with one spider, struggled to bend its legs the wrong way, cried out as the scalpels and needlepoints of the other legs dragged against her skin.


A blast sent her tumbling, throwing her into the couch and dislodging the spider.  Mark could make his orbs concussive or explosive.

Why can he still make his orbs at all?

He’d hit the spider with the former, nothing that could seriously hurt Amy.  She climbed to her feet, picked up the oak side-table from beside the couch and bludgeoned the spider with it.


“Your heart stopped nine times on the operating table,” Dragon said, “A lesser man wouldn’t have made it.”


Turns out Armmaster is both Vriska and Frisk.


He couldn’t say where, but he found some reserve of strength.  The knife inched closer.  Hairs away.  He could see the material of the casing smoke just beneath Mannequin’s ‘eye’, a dark patch revealing itself beneath.

Huh. Armmaster had more Determination than I thought.

…seriously, this reserve of strength plays into my Undertale references perfectly.

Mannequin’s head fell, tipping over backwards to strike the ground, dangling from the chain, out of reach of the blade.

“Okay yeah he’s getting a bit too close now, let’s get this head outta the way.”

Still holding Colin’s wrist, the headless villain stood straight.

He was toying with me.

I suppose that’s also an appropriate personality trait for someone who looks so much like a giant featureless action figure.

A blade stuck out of Mannequin’s upper arm, near the elbow joint.  The upper arm fired like a small rocket to stick in the wall, and for a second, there was slack in the chain.

Knives and then rockets? This Mad Dummy is doing things backwards.

Colin thrust the knife forward, came within inches of making contact with Mannequin’s chest before the chain reeled in and the metal links went rigid.

You tried.

The chain started to gradually reel in, and Mannequin started pulling his hand backward, toward the wall where the section of arm had stuck.

Ohh, so that’s why he did that. It’s acting like a winch.

Then, as if to taunt Colin, Mannequin dropped to a crouch, moved his face less than an inch from the blur that marked the edge of the blade’s effect.


AU where he accidentally gets a little too close. Whoops!