LHC and I got to talking about The Baby Is You and it turned into… well, this.

So to recap:


Amy’s lab-daddy and best friend, has to help Amy out after Amy makes herself pregnant with a child that is also Victoria. They sing a song as Amy reveals this to Victoria. Then Bonesaw shows up to be the midwife, citing previous experience with delivering babies (worst C-section ever), and sings a pointless song in order to antagonize Victoria because she is in hate-love with her.

Victoria and Bonesaw get Amy to a hospital, where Taylor shows up in a car. She came as fast as she could. Taylor is Amy’s sister and lover. She can’t sing because she, too, is pregnant, but engages in a romantic rap with Amy, where Amy points out that her having a child with Taylor would be bad because incest and pedophilia, and then proposes to Taylor so they can have babies. Then they make out nakedly. Also it turns out Taylor isn’t pregnant, she’s just overweight.

Then Siberian shows up to eat Amy’s baby, like she always does, but Amy won’t have that. Fortunately Siberian practically defeats herself in a rap battle – even while employing the true power of words that rhyme with themselves. Then she turns out to be a robot, but that part was cut. It didn’t fit the archetypes.

Greg shows up to comment on the quality of the songs, while Sparky initiates a sing-along.

Amy finally gets to have her baby, a beautiful baby daughter Victoria. And they all lived happily ever after.

I’m so sorry.

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