I read Homestuck… well part of it. On an old computer that didn’t have flash so I missed all the interactive parts. And then I stopped reading for a while and I lost my place. And now that I have a new computer I’m really not feeling like rereading the whole thing to get where I was and see everything that I missed. It was entertaining on the first read but I have my doubt on the second one… I’ve been considering Hiveswap though, can one enjoy it even if one didn’t finish the story?


I do personally think it’s better to read Homestuck before playing Hiveswap if you’re going to do both (Homestuck knowledge does put a few details and jokes in Hiveswap into perspective, and Hiveswap introduces some concepts from the second quarter and middle of Homestuck which one might consider spoilers), but Hiveswap is still very much designed to be enjoyable and understandable even if you don’t know a damn thing about Homestuck. Anything you really need to know, the game will introduce for itself.

I don’t have that perspective myself, but as far as I can tell from playing it myself and watching Jacksepticeye (who did have that perspective) play it, it does a very good job at being accessible and fun to people on both sides of the divide. It’s a slightly different experience depending on whether you know what Xefros is talking about from the start or you’re as clueless as Joey, but a good one either way.

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