Really cool art by SeeYou_Blue, submitted by @seeyouintheblue (hmmm)! This is a very interesting artstyle! I love the simple yet effective use of only one non-black color per character to make them recognizable by the outlines of their costume’s most distinct design elements. 🙂 I also like how Coil’s costume design makes it look like […]




I guess it was too much to hope that you guys wouldn’t end up finding Com’c, huh? Fair enough… Just know that these days I relate a lot more to Block than to my supposed author avatar. 😛

“Let’s not underestimate the bug power.” Congratulations, you have just summarized Worm in six words.

Hah, yeah!

And to think, one of the first thing I did on this blog was underestimate the bug power. In Gestation 1.3, I was pretty damn certain she didn’t stand a chance against Lung without her plot armor.

I guess I was kind of right about that. If not for *PLOT*, she would’ve been in a lot of trouble at the end, but she did hold up a lot better than I expected at the start of the fight.

How do you think Taylor would react if her father will be injured (or even worse…) by someone? Try to imagine what would happen.

Oh, I’ve been imagining that for about four or five Arcs now.

She would not take that well. Maybe that’s what would make her boil over – we’ve been repeatedly reminded of the potential for her to lose control over her power if too upset, especially in the form of rage, and I imagine anyone killing Danny would really set her raging side off.

Sheesh, maybe that’s how the Undersiders end up fighting the Slaughterhouse, even. I sure hope not, but I can’t rule it out.

At least with Taylor and Danny’s run-in in 11.1, some of the angst is alleviated – if he got killed now, at least his and Taylor’s last interaction wouldn’t have been, well, 6.9.

How much you want to bet that stabbing was bad enough to hurt some of Skitter’s internal organs, piercing her costume or not? She doesn’t think about these things sometimes. (also I assume it’s a matter of time before you find an excuse to reference the penis ouija, if you haven’t already)

Hm, that’s a good point. It was still a pointy thing pushing her costume in towards her body.

I don’t really know what the chances of it causing internal damage are. Anatomy isn’t my strong suit. But it does sound more likely than Taylor thought.


I read Homestuck… well part of it. On an old computer that didn’t have flash so I missed all the interactive parts. And then I stopped reading for a while and I lost my place. And now that I have a new computer I’m really not feeling like rereading the whole thing to get where I was and see everything that I missed. It was entertaining on the first read but I have my doubt on the second one… I’ve been considering Hiveswap though, can one enjoy it even if one didn’t finish the story?


I do personally think it’s better to read Homestuck before playing Hiveswap if you’re going to do both (Homestuck knowledge does put a few details and jokes in Hiveswap into perspective, and Hiveswap introduces some concepts from the second quarter and middle of Homestuck which one might consider spoilers), but Hiveswap is still very much designed to be enjoyable and understandable even if you don’t know a damn thing about Homestuck. Anything you really need to know, the game will introduce for itself.

I don’t have that perspective myself, but as far as I can tell from playing it myself and watching Jacksepticeye (who did have that perspective) play it, it does a very good job at being accessible and fun to people on both sides of the divide. It’s a slightly different experience depending on whether you know what Xefros is talking about from the start or you’re as clueless as Joey, but a good one either way.

Just an idea, but one really crude way you could use to semi-solve the issue of constantly jumping back to interlude 8 is to create a bookmark called current chapter which you update whenever you remember to do so. Even if you forget to do so for a month or more.. it’s still faster than clicking next all the way from interlude 8.

Ah, yeah, that would work. Although the issue seems to have resolved itself – it seems it might’ve been caused by the browser being closed improperly by the computer deciding to update, that kind of thing.