Infestation 11.6

Howdy! It’s time to play some Super Merchant Bros. Brawl!

Uh, read Worm, I mean.

So, last time, Taylor & co. toured the museum of debauchery, saved a girl from a peep show who then immediately brought up Taylor’s trigger event, discovered that Bryce is a little brat who joined the Merchants because he was bored and sick of chores… and then Skidmark showed up to force a bunch of his subordinates into duking it out for some super juice he’d somehow obtained.

This chapter will very likely have Taylor filled in on what Lisa knows about case 53 and the Dealer, followed by the two of them deciding they need to keep the Merchants from using the vial in some way. I described a few ways they could go about that in the end-of-11.5 post. I guess the stealth idea is the most likely. Either that, or an outright bug attack.

So yeah, without further ado, let’s jump in and see what happens!

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