“Is he for real?” I looked to Lisa for an answer.  “Can they do that?”

Going right into the “Taylor getting filled in” part, I see. 🙂 Helpful for anyone who’s forgotten about Upsilon at this point.

“Don’t think he’s lying.”

The crowd roared, and I turned to see why, just in time to see the aftermath of the first attack.  One of the Merchants in the ring had just bludgeoned someone with a length of pipe.

I guess Lisa might not have gotten deep enough into the subject of case 53 to know about the Dealer yet. That’s fair – apparently it took quite a while for Faultline’s Crew to get that far.

Meanwhile, the brawl is on.

Backing away, he found someone he knew, and through some unspoken agreement, they drew together, each protecting the other’s back.

Nice, got some alliances in here. That works a lot better when there are multiple prizes.

Others were having similar ideas.  Groups of friends were banding together, leaving others alone.  One of the loners found another guy without any friends around, shouted something I couldn’t hear, and they drew together.  His new ‘friend’ turned and struck him down from behind not two seconds later.

…good job.

The traitor got his just reward when three young men and a grungy looking old man tackled him to the ground and started beating him.


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