“Please.  I have a wife, kids.”

As if family somehow made you better than someone else?

That particular defense does seem kind of weak at times. I guess the idea is “please don’t hurt me, I have people who depend on me and who would be sad if I died or got hurt”, but that’s not particularly helpful if the person you’re pleading to doesn’t care more about sparing your family’s feelings than about you.

The idea nettled Bitch.  Life experience had taught her that it was all too often the opposite.  People were assholes, people were monsters.

And, yeah, it doesn’t exactly help that we literally just had Rachel reminiscing about how family is a touchy subject for her.

The exceptions were all too rare.  Far too many of those same people started a family just because they thought it was what they should do, and then they were assholes and monsters to a captive audience.


The sad thing is she’s right. I don’t think it’s as frequent as she’s implying, but this is definitely a thing that happens.

She kicked him again, in the stomach.

The dude may have just unwittingly turned himself into a punching bag for Rachel to take out her family issues on.

He screamed as the kick made his arm, still in Ink’s jaws, wrench the wrong way.


Or kicking bag, I suppose. So far it seems that’s more Rachel’s style here.

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