Was he lying?  She couldn’t tell.  She’d grown up with so many good liars, it felt like everything that sounded honest was a lie.

Which helps to explain why she’s so quick to distrust.

This is kind of how it is for my D&D character, Icarus, too, except the good liar was himself.

If he was lying, and it was obvious, she’d look weak if she fell for it.  Others might not get the message about this being her territory, about her dogs being off-limits.

…which means that the way Rachel thinks, she has to treat him like he’s lying, just in case.

If he wasn’t lying… well, he’d still shot Angelica.


Nobody hurts my dogs.”

I’ve been saying “Don’t hurt the doggos” for so long now, but no one ever seems to listen to me.

Coddamn fourth wall.

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