She felt the vibration rattle through Angelica’s head and neck as bone snapped and crunched between her teeth.

Hm. Maybe he’ll keep his limbs. Feet are a whole other issue, though.

The man shrieked, there was no better word for it, and others in the vicinity echoed his shrieks with their own.

Oh yeah, lots of witnesses, in the mouths of hellhounds themselves.

Somehow I get the feeling none of them are going to want to mess with Rachel.

She gave the hand signal and an order, “Drop him.  Dogs, drop them!”

Even after being dropped.

Angelica let the man drop.  His shins were cracked, the ends of his legs bent at odd angles.  One by one, the other captives were dropped to the ground.  Each of the man’s noises of pain was a little smaller and quicker than the last.

Yeah, no, who knows whether he’s ever going to walk again.

At least there’s Panacea, I guess, but she probably has more pressing cases to treat.

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