“Why can’t you fuckers get it through your skulls?” she called out.  “This is my territory!”

“If you want to be safe, go live in someone else’s damn territory!”

“We didn’t know,” someone said.  A woman who was clutching a bloody arm to her chest. Her daughter beside her.


Let’s hope Rachel sees it that way, though.

“You fucking challenging me on this?”

“No!  No.  We- we just… how were we supposed to know?”

Yeah, this isn’t “no it’s not”, it’s “oh”.

“Are you retarded or something?  It’s obvious,” Bitch couldn’t believe the woman’s stupidity.

How is it obvious, though?

Were you counting on word of mouth on the doggo attacks?

“How were we supposed to know!?” the woman raised her voice, sounding plaintive.


She absolutely has a point, but she doesn’t know how the girl with the dog monsters is going to interpret her behavior.

And at this point it is challenging Bitch, just not on whether or not it’s her territory.

Rachel, please tell me it’s not supposed to be obvious because you’ve gone around marking your territory with your scent.

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