After being ambushed and taken captive by the ABB, she’d learned her lesson.  Hit first, assess the situation later.

You do you.

Heh, this is about as anti-Taylor as it can get.

Besides, what was she going to do?  Talk to them?

Yes? Except that might not turn out well given Rachel’s social skills.

You know what, maybe she’s right. This might genuinely be her best bet. I mean, attempting to flee wouldn’t help much, and after fighting, talking and that, the only remaining option would be to stand there wordlessly like an idiot.

Brandish flicked her hands out, and beams of light drew into vague sword shapes.

Oooh, summoning light weapons! Cool!

Finally her name makes sense. It’s what she does with the weapons, she brandishes them.

As the dogs stampeded towards her she flicked them out to double the length.


They drew closer, almost reaching her, and she reconsidered, banishing the weapons to condense herself into a beachball-sized ball of orange-yellow light.


Hi, Samus?

The dogs hit her, there was a spray of sparks, and the ball was sent careening down the street and through the wall of a building.

Bye, Samus.

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