Glory Girl was flying over the stampeding dogs, a cell phone pressed to her ear, in Bitch’s general direction.

I read this as the cell phone being pressed to Glory Girl’s ear in Bitch’s general direction at first.

Ink and Bruno leaped to the side of a building and then leaped from that point toward Glory Girl.


Glory Girl should know that flying doesn’t necessarily help you that much against the hellhounds. I mean, she was present at the bank robbery… then again, if she was paying enough attention to notice the coddamn cape battle happening in front of the bank she was on top of, maybe she should have gotten involved earlier.

She struck Socks across the head, sending him flying to the ground, and Bruno slammed into her, knocking the phone from her grip.

Don’t hurt the doggos!

She brought her knee up into the dog’s side and pushed herself away before he could drive her down into the ground.

Not bad, though.

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