By RespitePostTe.

I love the poster gimmick of the first four pieces. These public service annoucements from your friendly neighbo[r]hood Slaughterhouse Nine are a really fun concept backed up by excellent and distinct art for each piece.

Incidentally, I like the irony of putting “Do What You Love” with an image of Burnscar. Practice what you preach, hon. :p

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle is a lot of fun. It’s very cute, with the Chibihouse Nine, funny in plenty of ways (both the concept and the details), and just generally well put together. 🙂

The more sketch-like strip of Slaughterhouse portraits is also quite nice. The highlight there is definitely the shot of Jack cutting Bonesaw’s hair, which is super cute.

And finally there’s this last Shatterbird piece. I like the somewhat minimalist style the shard of colored glass are drawn in. It’s makes for a pretty cool portrait of Shatterbird in action.

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