…so remember when I was discussing the Crystal Gems versus the Undersiders a while back?

Well, what about the Crystal Gems versus the Slaughterhouse Nine? Or, well… just Shatterbird, honestly.

Amethyst is dead. Just fuckin’ dead, immediately. Shatterbird’s power works on her gem, which is made of the same material as glass, silicon dioxide.

The same goes for Jasper if she’s involved, and it might affect Peridot, Lapis (if she’s involved – I left her out last time) and/or Garnet (but not her components) depending on how purely silicon the materials need to be.

Connie and Steven may have their phones in their pockets, which could cause severe injuries.

Pearl might be able to counter Shatterbird’s sand control somewhat, though I doubt it. Pearl’s sand control seems to be significantly weaker.

But sand isn’t the Gems’ biggest problem (though it absolutely is one for Steven and Connie, who have actual flesh to tear at). It’s that they generally seem to be particularly weak to piercing and slashing damage, and there’s almost nothing Shatterbird does better than piercing damage. Garnet’s future vision would help her dodge, but there’s only so much that can help when you’re a big target.

The Gems’ best bet, unless she’s not involved or has been shattered from the get-go, is Lapis. It’s worth noting that her composition is the most complicated one, as lapis lazuli isn’t a crystal, so if more non-silicon elements being involved reduces the efficiency of Shatterbird’s power, she’s less likely to be shattered than Peridot or Garnet (and Garnet is a special case since we don’t know whether her composition is that of garnet or those of a ruby and a sapphire).

But there are reasons I left Lapis out last time. She’s not a Crystal Gem, just affiliated with them, and she’s hella overpowered as long as she’s in her element. Lapis is on par with Leviathan, maybe even stronger. She’s capable of draining the ocean and making a tower to space out of its water. If she’s involved, survives the initial Shattering, and there’s water around, she can easily sweep away Shatterbird and all her glass.

Basically, what I’m saying is that you don’t even need the rest of the Slaughterhouse Nine here. Unless they have Lapis on board, the Gems are almost certainly fucked.

Hell, Shatterbird could probably take on a whole Homeworld army, since they’re primarily made of Quartzes like Amethyst and Jasper. She’d still have the Rubies to deal with, but that’s not that difficult, especially with the shards of the Quartzes lying around to be weaponized.

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