Burnscar gave Mannequin a hand in getting to his feet.  Cracks marred his lower body, and his left arm was a mess of cracked ceramic and pale gray organic pulp.  I heard her murmur something.

Maybe something about letting himself get beaten up again?

Burnscar’s a bit less open right now than the last time she had much relevance, but that’s to be expected. Last time she was visiting an old friend. This time she’s in front of enemies and a fellow member of the Nine.

Mannequin shook his head.  Burnscar said something else.

Ah, having a whole conversation.

Maybe she’s asking him to not let Jack know she helped.

He raised one hand, and Burnscar slapped it in a lazy high-five.


She turned towards us.  “There.  He just tagged me in.  Forfeited his turn.”

Wait, what?

Well, then. I guess it’s her turn now, despite Jack’s wishes of Cherish going next.

Which means attacking the Undersiders is no longer assisting.


…yay they made it through the first round?

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