“Dragonflies have got to be the most appropriate bug she could possibly use for a fire-based move, just for their name.”

Tell krix fireflies are more appropriate


You make a good point, and I think you’re right, but I still think dragonflies are more appropriate for the specific kind of fire-based move Taylor pulled here.

Hear me out: Dragons use fire offensively, are known for attacking other beings with it. Fireflies have “fire” directly in the name, but “fire” on its own doesn’t carry that same notion of offensive use as “dragon” does. So while fireflies may be more appropriate for use of fire in general, dragonflies are better when it comes to attacking with fire.

Also, if we extend it beyond the name, fireflies are associated with light, which is one of the other uses for fire. For that use of fire, fireflies are absolutely more appropriate.

Basically, I think I did get the right bug, but wasn’t specific enough about the type of fire moves they’re appropriate for.

Despite the sizeable fanbase, as of this moment, the only Worm porn is a single uncoloured Lisa x Brutus image. (Which I shall spare from linking to.) So there is no Siberian vore to find, let alone plenty.

Sharks: (this is, thankfully, wrong) (about the only worm porn) (i don’t think he’s wrong about the lisa x brutus thing) (that’s pretty bad)

Huh. I knew the fanbase was smaller than some of the ones I’ve been used to (though still sizable), but I would still expect porn to be at least somewhat common.

But yeah, if there legitimately isn’t any Siberian vore out there, that’s a clear breach of rule 34, meaning rule 35 comes into play: If it doesn’t exist yet, it will. It’s only a question of time.

As for Lisa x Brutus, I’m less surprised about the fact that there’s porn involving a doggo than by the fact that it’s with Lisa. I mean, Bitch x Brutus, as sick and perverse as it would be, would make sense. There’d be a clear reason why Bitch in particular would be paired up with one of her doggos. But Lisa? Why her? Is it just that the artist likes blondes, or likes Lisa’s attitude more than Bitch’s?

I’m so used to the internet being fucked up that these are the questions that run through my mind, not “why with a dog?”

cedoobles: A shattery bird gal. cedeelbe submitted: Made a redraw after seeing you react to my old one 5 years ago here: (link) The cringe inspired me lmao Ooh! She looks so happy, soaring through the skies! I liked the old piece too, but I can definitely see the artistic improvement here. I love the […]

Miss Militia’s shot didn’t go through Skitter’s armor, they felt painful that’s all. But you’ve got to remember that Miss Militia isn’t the Punisher, she doesn’t shot teenagers with actual bullets, she uses rubber bullets (her power completely negates all the disadvantages of that since if her weapon jams she can just reform it). Seriously, putting bullets in people is very bad for PR. And PR is two thirds of the PRT.

That’s fair. Even if it doesn’t pierce, it’s still gonna bludgeon.

And yeah, I suppose Piggy would have a hissy fit.

MM shot Skitter with rubber bullets in Parasite. It was worded really weirdly though, which is probably why you thought they penetrated.

Yeah, I think it may have been a bit unclear whether they did or not, at the time.

End of Snare 13.3

This was really good.

Mannequin put in a very interesting new weapon for the Undersiders to work around, and watching Taylor figure out how to deal with that, and the teamwork between Taylor, Brian and Bastard as they blew Mannequin’s ass up a couple times, was quite satisfying.

I do feel like Mannequin could’ve made more use of some of his other abilities besides gas and gun, but to be fair, we’ve already had the first fight against him to highlight those and he did end up fighting with limited space on the sides (though exactly how limited is unclear). Also he may have been unable to protect his arms from Taylor’s spiders while extended.

And then there’s the twist at the end – Burnscar taking over Cherish’s turn in order to be allowed to fight the Undersiders right now. Welp. None of them are feeling particularly well after the Mannequin fight and now it’s right on to fighting Burnscar? And, as I mentioned in this chapter before it reminded me of Burnscar’s existence, Skitter’s costume is made of spider silk, which supposedly isn’t good against heat. Though it does seem to have survived the fire sweep Burnscar did near the end of this chapter, as well as the battles with Lung, so maybe I’m giving it too little credit.

Anyway, better hope Genesis can find the alley soon, because damn, the Undersiders need her help.

So yeah, next chapter:

It’s time to turn up the heat.

It might also involve barbasol, for reasons.

See you then!

She cracked her knuckles, and every flaming piece of debris on the street became a pillar of fire, stretching vertically for the sky.  The fire snaked over the surface of the water to cut off our avenues of retreat.

In retrospect, the focus on fire in the latter half of this Mannequin battle has made for a fantastic transition into Burnscar’s turn.

“My go.  I’m taking round two.”

Well, this is a thing now!

Burnscar gave Mannequin a hand in getting to his feet.  Cracks marred his lower body, and his left arm was a mess of cracked ceramic and pale gray organic pulp.  I heard her murmur something.

Maybe something about letting himself get beaten up again?

Burnscar’s a bit less open right now than the last time she had much relevance, but that’s to be expected. Last time she was visiting an old friend. This time she’s in front of enemies and a fellow member of the Nine.

Mannequin shook his head.  Burnscar said something else.

Ah, having a whole conversation.

Maybe she’s asking him to not let Jack know she helped.

He raised one hand, and Burnscar slapped it in a lazy high-five.


She turned towards us.  “There.  He just tagged me in.  Forfeited his turn.”

Wait, what?

Well, then. I guess it’s her turn now, despite Jack’s wishes of Cherish going next.

Which means attacking the Undersiders is no longer assisting.


…yay they made it through the first round?

“You can’t assist him.  They’re your rules.”

Hm, let’s see how the rules put it…

4.  Each tester operates independently, with no hands-on assistance from other members of the Slaughterhouse Nine.  Assistance may be bought, bartered or otherwise rendered in a hands-off manner, possibly including medical assistance, information, provided equipment and suggestions.

Ah, yeah, I suppose that would cover non-testing confrontations too.

It’s also worth noting that against Burnscar, the Triumvirate could step in if they were here, since the rule that limits them only applies to confrontations with the active tester, i.e. Mannequin.

“Jack’s rules, not mine.  But fine,” Burnscar said.  Something about the tone in her voice: it sounded casual, but there was something in it that reminded me of Shadow Stalker and Sophia.

The casual disdain for the rules she has to follow, perhaps? The sense of “ugh, I wanted to be violent but okay”?

Also, I like how Taylor is separating Shadow Stalker and Sophia. It’s like she’s still not comfortable with thinking of that breach of the boundaries between her civilian and cape lives, the fact that they’re the same person.

Granted, I sometimes imply there’s a difference between Taylor and Skitter (it’s been getting less pronounced), but I don’t usually do it like this.

It wasn’t angry like Shadow Stalker was, but it had the same emptiness.  I just hadn’t really picked up on it in the past.