“Dragonflies have got to be the most appropriate bug she could possibly use for a fire-based move, just for their name.”

Tell krix fireflies are more appropriate


You make a good point, and I think you’re right, but I still think dragonflies are more appropriate for the specific kind of fire-based move Taylor pulled here.

Hear me out: Dragons use fire offensively, are known for attacking other beings with it. Fireflies have “fire” directly in the name, but “fire” on its own doesn’t carry that same notion of offensive use as “dragon” does. So while fireflies may be more appropriate for use of fire in general, dragonflies are better when it comes to attacking with fire.

Also, if we extend it beyond the name, fireflies are associated with light, which is one of the other uses for fire. For that use of fire, fireflies are absolutely more appropriate.

Basically, I think I did get the right bug, but wasn’t specific enough about the type of fire moves they’re appropriate for.

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