Despite the sizeable fanbase, as of this moment, the only Worm porn is a single uncoloured Lisa x Brutus image. (Which I shall spare from linking to.) So there is no Siberian vore to find, let alone plenty.

Sharks: (this is, thankfully, wrong) (about the only worm porn) (i don’t think he’s wrong about the lisa x brutus thing) (that’s pretty bad)

Huh. I knew the fanbase was smaller than some of the ones I’ve been used to (though still sizable), but I would still expect porn to be at least somewhat common.

But yeah, if there legitimately isn’t any Siberian vore out there, that’s a clear breach of rule 34, meaning rule 35 comes into play: If it doesn’t exist yet, it will. It’s only a question of time.

As for Lisa x Brutus, I’m less surprised about the fact that there’s porn involving a doggo than by the fact that it’s with Lisa. I mean, Bitch x Brutus, as sick and perverse as it would be, would make sense. There’d be a clear reason why Bitch in particular would be paired up with one of her doggos. But Lisa? Why her? Is it just that the artist likes blondes, or likes Lisa’s attitude more than Bitch’s?

I’m so used to the internet being fucked up that these are the questions that run through my mind, not “why with a dog?”

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