Snare 13.8

Hey, everybody, what’s good? Well, Worm is, so let’s read some!

Last time, Taylor tried and failed to enlist the Protectorate’s help against the Nine, but in some way, the conversation she had with Miss Militia and Legend (the rest of the Protectorate members who were around acted as background props, though for all I know the fact they were present for that might have a bearing on their views on Skitter later) gave Trickster an idea.

I don’t know what the specifics could be, but I suspect Trickster’s idea involves us learning more about him and his team. We’ve been getting more build-up for the revealing of those details in this Arc than any before it, especially in the last chapter, and I think it’s about to pay off – if not in this chapter, then at least before Trickster and Skitter’s excursion ends. And, hell, failing that it’ll still probably be before the end of the Arc (which I suspect is coming up soon).

Maybe the idea also involves bringing in someone he knows in Brockton Bay who hasn’t been introduced before? I don’t know. I’m also not sure how that would come to mind based on the conversation Skitter had.

But hey, there’s a way to find out…

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