• Garnet: Tattletale. Always knows more than she lets on.
  • Amethyst: Regent. The reckless, laid-back one with an origin they’re not too proud of.
  • Pearl: Grue. The cautious team mom.
  • Steven: Gallant. Really good with emotions, puts others first.
  • Connie: Charlotte. The sensible mundane who isn’t afraid to stand up.
  • Lapis: Panacea. See above.
  • Peridot: Parian. Not a fighter, but dragged into a war nonetheless.
  • Jasper: Bitch. See above.
  • Ruby: Imp. Impulsive, fiery when it comes to what matters to her.
  • Sapphire: Dinah. Soft-spoken, sees the future, previously on command.
  • Bill Dewey: Legend. Has position where one might expect a douche, actually a pretty cool guy.
  • Onion: Crawler. Pinnacle of human evolution.
  • Blue Diamond: Coil. The one who had Sapphire/Dinah captive and commanded the latter to tell them the future. Capable of being far more tyrannical than they may seem at first.
  • Pink Diamond: Bonesaw. Passionate, excitable and super impulsive dork who doesn’t realize that what she’s doing is bad.
  • Yellow Diamond: Skitter. No-nonsense, supposedly logical-minded, wants to rush through things and look forwards, blames herself for past events that weren’t actually her fault. “Let’s make a plan of attack! Start looking forwards and stop looking back!”

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