Anyways, if it’s not too much trouble /too personal, can we see this philosophical discord? Would love to discuss these kinds of morality questions.

Okay, so I asked the owner of the server – technically known as flopside, but everyone calls it altgen – if it was okay, and I got the go-ahead.

Here are some things to note, though:

  • Altgen is a spinoff from @loreweaver-universe​‘s Discord server, though it has established itself as more of its own thing at this point. As a result, it is closely tied to the Discord liveblogging supercommunity and has multiple livebloggers frequenting it, meaning spoilers for certain things need to be handled with care (most notably Worm, Ward, Steven Universe, Madoka Magica, Wander Over Yonder, Rick and Morty, Camp Camp, My Hero Academia, Adventure Time and Little Witch Academia). There is a channel called #altspoil, which can be used to contain content that is spoilery to one or more of the local livebloggers, myself included.
  • It’s not exclusively a philosophy server. That’s just one of the channels. Altgen, more broadly, is for chill and civil discussion of certain topics that are not allowed on the regular liveblogger servers, such as serious news, politics, religion and NSFW content. And yes, that last thing does mean there are porn channels, though they are manually age-gated. There’s even #spoilporn, where your filthiest, most spoilery Alexandria porn is safe from my innocent gaze.
  • I’ve limited the invite below to 25 uses, just to be safe in case this post winds up in the wrong places. I doubt those are all going to be used up by you guys anytime soon, but if that happens, feel free to let me know and I might make a new one.
  • Please do not join just to talk about Worm with me directly. There are reasons I don’t have a Discord server of my own (I prefer to have all my Worm talk screened and visible on the blog, among other things), and I don’t want that to get taken out on other servers I’m in.
  • I’ve said a lot here, but seriously… We’re chill, I promise.

With all that said, here’s the link! Welcome!

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