How do you think Taylor will react to what Amy did to Victoria, New Wave or the other Undersiders(We somewhat saw Lisa’s reaction)? And what do you think would be a fair punishment? There are Heartbreaker and Canary as contrast, we saw the Trial and the Birdcage, but also know her mitigating circumstances. What would be reasonable and what do you think will likely happen?

I think it depends a lot on how they find out, but I think when she has the full story including Amy’s POV, Taylor may be conflicted but I don’t think she’d be too hard on Amy for it.

New Wave might already know. Judging by her behavior when she came across Amy in public, I don’t think Victoria cares if people find out they’ve had a falling-out, and from there it’s not a long way to questions about why. Also, their parents would want to know why Victoria didn’t bring Amy home, though Victoria could’ve just lied and said she couldn’t find her, or that Amy refused to come back because she didn’t want to put the rest of them at risk of Bonesaw. In short, though, I think there’s a good chance Victoria told her parents what Amy did. Their reactions would be shaped by that perspective, although I suspect Flashbang is giving Amy some benefit of the doubt.

Among the Undersiders, besides Taylor, the only one whose reaction I’m really interested in is Alec, because as you say, this is comparable to Heartbreaker. However, Alec isn’t exactly much for big reactions, even (or maybe especially) to these things. If he started a liveblog of reaction video channel, I’d probably drop it fairly quickly.

As for punishment, I don’t think Amy deserves any. Even less so than Paige. At least with Paige, there was an argument to be made for carelessness, but with Amy, there are so many more mitigating circumstances. She was heavily compromised, and her personal space was violated in a way she had warned Victoria against repeatedly. It was an accident that she was actively trying to prevent. She’s no more responsible than the people who take care of a natural sightseeing spot are for tourists that fall off cliffs because they ignore warning signs and cross safety fences. Less so, even.

(Fun fact: There are such spots in Norway that don’t have fences because some tourists are more likely to go too close to the edge of a cliff when there’s a fence in their way.)

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