I think regarding being friends with bad persons, way more interesting than Tattletale is Regent, who is a rapist and murderer but tries to be a better person with varying success due being emotionally dead inside. Taylor herself thought about that in 14.1 … for like 5 seconds. What is your opinion?

While I don’t mean to excuse his past actions, I think it counts for a lot if he actually wants to and tries to be better. Intent matters, and if he intends to be better and does what he can to follow through on that, that’s a good thing. It doesn’t erase his past actions, and it’s very unfortunate how blasé he is about them, but it does make him much more sympathetic than he would otherwise be.

Also, the point about this topic having already come up earlier in the Arc is a good one. Now that that’s been pointed out, I think we might have an Arc theme going here, and I suspect it’s going to come up again when we learn about the Travelers and the 325.

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