I think you’ve been too light on Amy, and I don’t think she’s 100% innocent of what she did to Vic. Regent’s “how can you do that by accident?” is on point. I suspect Amy must have daydreamed often about doing what she did, perhaps sometimes almost doing it before restraining herself. How else could she, when her barriers were down, have done that so easily, instinctively, almost unconsciously and without any experience in manipulating brains? 

If I am right on this, it does not make Amy a monster or anything close to it, but it does make what happened at least somewhat her fault. At least, I would say she is more blameworthy than Canary was for her thing, which was just speaking carelessly a single time, as opposed to Amy indulging repeatedly in dangerous fantasies (even if she was certain in her mind that she would never act on them).

Perhaps. I do think it matters a lot that she actively tried to stop it from happening, though. That makes me unwilling to assign her much of the blame.

But yeah, I may have gone too far in suggesting she’s entirely blameless.

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