“Maybe that’s his flaw. He’s been such a good guy so far, a straight up saint by this story’s standards, so it was only really a matter of time before a darker side showed up.” And your expectations for a hero’s behavior have now been successfully corrupted.

Hehe, yeah. I know how Wildbow works by now. For a while, I’ve been doubting that Legend would stay as thoroughly good as he currently is throughout the story.

Though there are others who have so far been portrayed similarly positively even through Interludes from their perspective, like Kid Win and Weld (okay, not technically Interludes, but you know what I mean). In some other cases that’s because they died before getting around to showing us their darker sides, but still.

In any case, for some time, the question for me hasn’t been “does Legend have a dark side”, but rather “how severe is Legend’s dark side (and how much do my readers laugh whenever I praise him for how good he is)”.

Honestly, though, I’d be down with the Wards, Parian and/or Legend staying this good. You may have noticed I quite like these characters for their goodness. 🙂

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