John’s bathtub shouldn’t be summoned by a Bakuda bomb.

Ahaha, yes! John’s bathtub showing up would totally fit into the chaos, yeah! :p

…maybe that’s why it isn’t there – because it’s so fitting that it actually should be there.

For those lacking the context here: One of my other blogs is called John’s Bathtub Where It Shouldn’t Be, and is centered on me editing John Egbert’s bathtub from Homestuck into images where it doesn’t belong. This ask is formatted like the requests for that blog. (Note: Please do not send me Worm-related asks over there.)

I would make this if I could, even though I’m guessing you didn’t actually mean this as a serious request, but unfortunately I don’t have an image to work with. I couldn’t find a satisfactory image of regular bombs going off to represent Bakuda bombs or to be good for a bathtub edit, and I can’t go searching for fanart of the chaos from the Bakuda bombs because of the risk of spoilers. I’m also wary about using people’s fanart for the edits in the first place. Sorry! :p

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