I sighed.  “Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.  I think we should give chase.”

“Head to where Cherish is?”


I nodded.  “It hasn’t been too long, so they won’t have much time to prepare any counterattack.  It does still leave the problem of finding the others and curing them before something bad happens.”

Yeah, you should probably do that too. At least Lisa’s power might help you find them.

“If the cure is contagious…  Bitch, you think you could work on finding and curing the others?”

On one hand, good idea, outsourcing it like that.

On the second hand, are you sure you want to give up your strongest offensive player short of Ballistic and Sundancer in the meantime?

On the third hand, you may have just asked Rachel Lindt to go around kissing people and I’m not sure she’ll take kindly to that. :p


I spoke up, “Cure your dogs.  Spit in their mouths, whatever.  Then see about tracking down the others, ambushing them, and having the dogs lick their faces?”

That is the best way to get cured.

“AHHH HELLBEAST ATTACKING ME IT’S GONNA TEAR MY FACE OFF wait what it’s licking me OH hi rachel what the hell?”

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