She scowled.  “I haven’t trained ’em to do that.”

Of course. Too friendly.

“You’ve got ten minutes to teach them,” Tattletale grinned.


“Unless you’d rather go and kiss people?”


“You’ll see about curing the others?”

“Yeah.”  Bitch pointed, “But it won’t work with my dogs.  They kill any parasites while my power’s working.”

Oh yeah, good point.

Wait, “while [your] power’s working”. What about Bentley? Does him being stuck in hellhound form until you specifically revert it mean you can not be using your power on him at all times and thereby have it not kill the parasites?

Right.  I could remember curing Sirius of heartworm.

I shrugged.  “Another way?  Maybe if you dose some fresh water with the new parasites, spit in it, then splash people?

I suppose that might work.

Let’s also take a time-out to consider that not everyone has costumes that allow skin access.

People are going to start getting better fast, with the water changing, but let’s make sure our side is okay?”

Bitch nodded once, curt.

Sure, this sounds like a decent plan.

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