A generator stirred to life a short distance down the street, and there was something of a rush as people hurried to get away from the intimidating presence of the big bad supervillains and their mutant animals.

That’s… fair, honestly.

That, and there was something of a fight to get the power tools.  There were only so many circular saws and chainsaws to go around, and anyone who didn’t have one was tasked with carrying the cut wood instead.

Honestly? I think I might pick the wood-carrying.

I created a barrier of bugs to stop one of the teenagers from reaching for a circular saw.

Enforcing an age limit? Fair enough, though I’m sure you wouldn’t hesitate much to use one yourself.

“If you’re under eighteen, you don’t get to use power tools,” I called out.  “Priority goes to the people who know how the tools are used.  Able bodied adults get second dibs.


Listen carefullyto the guys who know what they’re doing, and work somewhere dry if possible.


We’ve had enough casualties, let’s not have anything stupid happening with someone slipping or losing their grip in the rain.  If someone’s being an idiot, tell Sierra, and she’ll inform me.”

Yeah, true, let’s not do the antagonists’ job for them and increase the body pile.

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