Bitch, for her part, wrapped her arms around his head as he lifted her off the ground.  “Good boy!”

He’s just a dog.  Beneath the three-thousand-ish pounds of muscle and the exterior of tangled muscle and bone, he was still a dopey dog who adored his master.  Bitch had given him what he’d been yearning for since he was abandoned or abused in his past life.

This is honestly what I love most about Rachel’s power. The dogs’ minds don’t change – they’re really big and scary, but they’re adorable doofs nonetheless. That’s one of the reasons I enjoyed Interlude 4 so much. (RIP Brutus)

She’d offered him the affection and companionship he’d been wanting for years.

I could relate.  Not in terms of Bitch, specifically, but I could relate.

That’s exactly what the Undersiders as a whole did for Taylor.

“Get to work clearing that up!” I ordered.  My swarm augmented my voice to carry it across the crowd of my followers.  There were twenty-two adults and twenty kids.

Ohh. Demolition work, that’s what they’re doing. They just used Bentley to bring down that building on purpose.

With Coil’s assistance, I’d brought in work gloves and black hazmat suits, but most people were wearing only the lower body of the suits.  It was too warm for the full suits, and the masks were largely unnecessary.

We’re in the midst of summer by now, I suppose. How long has it been since Prey, which was around mid-late June?

Everyone was dripping from the rain, but nobody was really complaining.  I rather liked it; it was refreshing in the otherwise warm day.

Rain can be pretty nice sometimes. 🙂

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