I saw an opportunity.  “Did you have a dog growing up?”

Huh? What’s the opportunity that lies down that road?

“Greyhounds.  Eclaire and Blitzen.”

French baked goods and German lightning. No theme naming allowed in this household, unless the theme is “different languages”.

“Blitzen?  Like the reindeer?”

“No.  Like German for lightning.  And Eclaire is French.”

I won’t deny that I too thought of the reindeer before the lightning it’s named after.

I could see Bitch was tense.  Something about this line of conversation?

You might be dragging up memories of her trigger event.

I guessed what it might be and continued the questioning.  “Why greyhounds?  Don’t they need a lot of exercise?”

I guess I’m wrong. Because if Taylor was wrong here, we’d most likely hear about what her guess was, and if we’re both right, continuing the questioning might be a bad idea.

She shook her head.  “No.  They’re running dogs, but they only need about a half-hour of walking a day.  They work really well living in an apartment, which we were.”

“They howl,” Bitch said.

Oh… yeah, that might not be ideal for an apartment building.

If the henchlady goes on to explain that they did something to prevent the dogs from howling, I don’t think Rachel will take kindly to that.

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