“I’m surprised there’s no objections about me attacking your partner,”  I told Biter.

“Your house, your rules, you said.”

Yeah, no, Biter isn’t the oaf Taylor initially thought he might be. He actually seems like a very reasonable and level-headed man.

“What do you do?  No demonstrations, please.”

Heh. Playing it safe this time.

I would guess that Biter’s bite is worse than his bark.

“I make parts of myself bigger.”  He pointed to his mouth, then to the fist with the spike-studded knuckle-duster.

Ooh, that’s pretty cool.

(Yet Barker is the one with eyes that look big for his face.)

“Open wide, swing with bigger hands.”

Nothing that would have been that great against the Nine.  I couldn’t blame Bitch for leaving them behind.

I suppose that’s fair. Kind of depends on the maximum sizes, though.

“Fair enough.”  I addressed the two unpowered individuals from Bitch’s group.  “And you two?  Why were you picked for her team?”

“I was just starting my first year as a vet before everything went to hell,” the girl said.  “Needed money to pay my boyfriend’s hospital bill, was offered more than enough.

“Woah, I didn’t ask for your whole backstory.”

He got better a week ago, then broke up with me.  Not even a thank you.

What a dick.

Guess I’m still here because I don’t have anywhere else to go, and I like taking care of the dogs.”

That is a very valid reason.

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