“I didn’t realize that was today.  If you’d asked, I could have rescheduled Amy Dallon’s departure.”

“No.  It’s fine.  I prefer it this way.”

Why? So you don’t have to go with Victoria too?

“You didn’t want to see Victoria off to the parahuman asylum?”

I suppose what Amy did would cause a form of insanity.

“Victoria is gone.  There’s nothing of her left but that mockery.  Mark and I fought over it and this was what we decided.”

I see… Mark is more reluctant to accept that she’s not really Victoria anymore?

“I see.”

Those are my words, missy.

“If it’s no trouble, could I watch?”

Watch? Watch what?

“What are you wanting to watch, specifically?”

“Her arrival?  I know the prison is segregated, but she’s still-“


Also, segregated. Right. Sure. Not like there’s a big hole between the sides.

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