Numb, she returned to the office that looked out on the lot.  Dragon’s face displayed on a computer screen to the left of the door.  The computer chair was unoccupied.

“That’s it?” Carol asked.

For now, anyway. Maybe at some point we’ll find out how the meeting between Amy and Marquis went – she must’ve known that would happen when she volunteered – and, if we’re lucky, the Birdcage may be compromised at some point.

(Yeah, I may not be theorizing on that as actively as I once did, but it’s still very much a possibility. Especially considering that the Birdcage is an attractive target to Endbringers, and that the apocalyptic threat is likely to cause a lot of destruction worldwide.)

“She’ll be transported there and confined for the remainder of her life, barring exceptional circumstance.”

Exceptional circumstance! You know, like the apocalypse.

Carol nodded.  “Two daughters gone in the blink of an eye.”

Oh yeah, now she’s your daughter again. Now that you recognize her as another victim.

“Your husband decided not to come?”

“He exchanged words with her in her cell this morning.  He decided it was more important to accompany Victoria to Pennsylvania.”

Wait, what?

What’s in Pennsylvania?

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