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[Palringo chat]

Crimson Wing Breaks the World: If you get to the point where you hear about/see Lung, remember that my rolled Char almost managed to obliterate him hehe.


Krixwell: Thanks for the spoiler on the existence of a character called Lung .-.

But nice

Posting this for total transparency on what I’m spoiled on. No hard feelings, though, she meant well.

Lung is a curious name, but I’ll refrain from speculating too much on spoilers lest I make them worse.

Sharks has shared the blog on Reddit (hi, readers!), and alerted me to a couple of the responses!

[Reddit] AceOfSword:

Nice! I’m not much of one for rereading stories but I love it when people read works I love and give their impressions, especially in real time. And he provides the quotes so that we know precisely what he’s referring to, this is perfect.

What’s his schedule? I can’t wait for the next update and I couldn’t find anything about that on his tumblr.

I’m quite a fan of liveblogs myself! Plus, I feel like this might give me a better experience than I’d have otherwise as it forces me to stop and think a bit more as I read.

As for a schedule, I’m sorry to say I don’t have one, and quite possibly never will. I’m not good at keeping consistent schedules, and as mentioned in the intro post, I might even go a bit silent at times. However, the lack of a schedule can mean that I’ll liveblog at basically any time of the day, rather than limiting myself to a short period each day.

Basically, it’s a wildcard for now, for good or bad.


It seems so impossible that Krixwell wouldn’t have even heard of Carrie. Seriously… am I just old?

I do think I’d heard about it before, but only vaguely. Besides, it might also have something to do with me not being into horror/thriller movies in general.

…or you might just be old. 😉

[sent through Tumblr messaging]


Oh my God this is so cool! I hope you keep going through the whole thing! 🙂 I really love Worm and this is shaping up to be an excellent readthrough of it.


I’m very happy to have the opportunity to read yet another liveblogger’s impression first hand! I wanted to recommend you that maybe you don’t need to react to EACH paragraph, you do what you do, but if you feel like it’s dragging out the experience you might want to look into “reacting” to chunks of text rather than each couple lines! The first chapters are much shorter, albeit with larger Arcs, than the latter part of the story

I’m glad you’ve enjoyed this so far!

I feel I should react in detail as I read along, though you’re right that it might be too much detail at times. It’s possible I’ll start doing longer quotes at a time later on, but that mostly depends on the content of the quotes, so we’ll see.

Incidentally, I thought the messaging feature was disabled for this blog, but I was wrong. Disabling it doesn’t even seem to be an option?? I’ve now done the next best thing and set it to only be available to people I follow, though I’d prefer if those people didn’t use it either.

If you wish to send me messages about Worm, you can instead send an ask to the screener blog (also linked in the blog description), where Sharks will sort them to avoid spoilers. 🙂

[Reddit] ShareDVI:

Tell Krixwell I really liked his commentary and will look forward to it.

Also it’s okay if they don’t cover everything and only interesting quotes, because the chapters get longer later.

I’m glad you enjoyed it!

As mentioned in response to another comment, I feel like I should study the text in detail for now at least, but might expand the quotes later.

Oh, and just for the record: My pronouns are he/him. 🙂


Just wanted to send a message your way to say this is probably the thing I am most hyped for as regards 2017 now. Congratulations, and keep up with it – it has a slow beginning, but then so does A Song of Ice and Fire.

Oh wow, it sounds like some of you guys have been really wishing for a liveblog! I guess that might be why I keep seeing it recommended to other livebloggers as potential future material.

I hope I can live up to the hype!

I haven’t actually read ASOIAF, but if it’s anything like the TV series (which I’ve seen a little more than one season of), I can imagine it starts rather slow, yeah. I did really like the way things built up in season 1 of GoT, so hopefully Worm might reflect that in some ways.

[Reddit] AsKoalaAsPossible:

I’m liking this commentary so far, but a couple things are getting on my nerves.

First of all, Krixwell needs to get over the idea that clichés are always bad. Yes, relying on clichés is creatively lazy, but for establishing characters they allow you to remove a lot of exposition that would otherwise be necessary and instead focus on refining the image and controlling the reader’s expectations. Beyond that, Wildbow never said Taylor was a goth – you (Krixwell) inferred / assumed that and it has unfairly colored your perception of her as a cliché ever since.

Second, god damn it stop asking for “more character”. This is the first chapter! If you expect every character introduction to put a stop to the narrative and give some spiel on what they look like and what their personality is, your expectations of what a good story should be are, with all due respect, lacking. There are indeed some problems with how Wildbow introduces and retains characters in some scenes, especially with how god damn many characters there are just in this one city ([censored parenthetical question]), but not providing a full biography and wardrobe description for every new character that shows up is not one of them. You’ll take your drip-feed and like it.

I don’t know if Krixwell will read this or get this feedback indirectly somehow, but I’d just like to finish off by saying I still think he’s doing good work with this, and I have enjoyed it so far. It just leaves something to be desired.

You know what, you’re absolutely right.

I’ve been a bit impatient for character details, and I think that might be in part a side effect of how I’m new to liveblogging textual content like this.

I’m by no means a quick reader to begin with, but the liveblogging process – especially with the level of detail I’m doing it on – does mean it takes a lot longer than it otherwise would. As such, it didn’t really feel like just the first chapter after a while, and even getting to Taylor’s gender felt like it took a rather long time. Holding the drawbacks of liveblogging against the story is unfair.

There’s also the fact that I’m kind of used to works like Homestuck and Steven Universe, which are both quite good at quickly establishing character traits. Holding the story, which is clearly written with a very different style, to the same standards is unfair.

And finally, the story did establish some traits quickly. Problem is, the sums of some of those traits seemed to point towards archetypes I don’t personally like, and in some cases considered “cliché”. This is a personal gripe and I should not hold that against the quality of the story.

As for the word “cliché”, there’s a difference between tropes and clichés. A cliché is a subjective moniker for a trope one feels is overdone and trite. Looking back, though, I now recognize some circular reasoning: I found certain things trite because they were clichés which they were because I found them trite.

So yes, this is very good criticism and you’re right. I’ll try to keep these things in mind in the future.


Worth to note that not all people are privileged enough to go to schools that actually care about their students. You’d actually be surprised how many schools don’t care if someone is attending to classes as long as they get their monthly paycheck from the parents of government funds. Wildbow’s own experience includes him going basically two years without going to class and his parents getting a single call, to ask if he was to be considered as still attending.

And yeah, I guess this is one point where my own quite large privilege – as a white cis probably-het male who lives in a wellfare country that is some years crowned the best country in the world to live in, and who, despite a nerdy disposition, has never experienced proper bullying – shows.

AsKoalaAsPossible (on anon):

I’m AsKoalaAsPossible and I just wanted to say I appreciate your response to my criticism and your concern for fairness and integrity. Also I am excited for the next liveblog, whenever that happens 🙂 – papa bless

Thanks for not giving up on me, and for the excellent criticism. I think I kind of needed someone to tell me those things. 🙂

As for the next liveblog, I think I’ll be starting the second chapter (1.2, I’d imagine) in a few hours.

(btw your name is great)

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