Between 1.3-1.4

Hi Krixwell, First thank you for this – live blogging this story is like watching the best unboxing ever; you do it justice with your freeform thoughts, comments, humor as you procees. It is so enjoyable. I want to make sure you know this – chapter 1 of this story was (I think?) the first chapter Wildbow ever published, this amazing story is his initial foray in to writing a “published” work. It is so good, as you have noted the writing gets better quickly, this trend continues.

Oh wow, it’s a very good start then. Like, the writing in 1.1 was already rather good (even if I was a bit unfair on it because I got off on the wrong foot with Taylor at first), and since then it’s been improving. While I don’t consider it… amazing quite yet, I can see how it could get to that point if it keeps up this rate of improvement.