Between 1.5-1.6

Sports associations *already do* exclude people with superpowers. You can run faster with certain lower-leg prosthetics than an unassisted human, and therefore people with those prosthetics are prohibited from Olympic track events.

Ooh, that’s an interesting point!

But how about people who were, metaphorically speaking, born with those prosthetics, with no other option? Would they be disqualified too?


Hi – just commenting again. Watching you read and share your thoughts as you go is a joy. Thank you. I saw you semi-apologize for the potential of instantly debunked or confirmed theories, please do not apologize for that or change your way for any reason other than you just want to. It is wonderful, You’re making 2017 a better year with this. I sincerely hope the story engages you as much as it did me and so many others, and we get to keep sharing with you.

I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

And yeah, I’m not going to change it, at least not because of that. It’s one of the fun parts of doing this, to be honest.

I feel like liveblogging in detail helps with my appreciation of the story and writing. I’ve had a problem in the past where I don’t stop enough to think about the story I’m consuming and miss out on the fun of theorizing. I think that’s a big part of why I enjoy reading liveblogs so much – I get to witness that and relive the first read vicariously through someone who doesn’t usually make that same mistake… with a giant heaping of dramatic irony in some cases, which is fun.

I hope I can be as fun to read as I have reading other liveblogs. 🙂


“Man, it’s hard to believe this started as a high school drama in 1.1.” Actually, no. It was always a superhero story (I guess the “parahumans” in the URL was oblique enough to justify it not tipping you off); high school drama was and is just its secret identity. (For a while, anyway.)

That’s sort of what I meant, though I could probably have phrased it better.

And it’s not like it wasn’t upfront about involving “capes” from the second paragraph of 1.1, either. I just failed to understand what that meant until halfway through the chapter when oh shit the main character has a superpower and dreams of being a superhero

Still, up until that point, it was written like a high school drama, which was a big part of why I was so negative about the chapter.


How does your theory for Tattletale’s power play out in relation to the fact that she knew someone from the Protectorate was ariving, kinda damaging the “information she could’ve picked up from nearby minds” theory?

At first I kind of assumed the Protectorate member was close enough for her to start picking up on their thoughts (or just see them from afar, I guess), but as the chapter went on, it became clear that the Protector was further away.

And then there’s the whole mistaking Taylor for a villain thing. If Tattletale could read her mind, she should be able to tell that Taylor considered herself a hero, at least after the assumption becoming clear to Taylor.

So yeah, “Tattletale is a mind reader” has a serious case against it now. I’m not sure what exactly her power could be, though.

Premonitions? But then how does she know what happened to Lung, or that Taylor was just “shy”? (Maybe she didn’t need her power to tell the latter, though.)

Maybe she can talk telepathically to animals and/or access their senses from afar, like I’ve suggested Taylor might be able to do with bugs later on? That would explain how she knew the Protector was coming (via a bird or something) and how she could know what happened to Lung (via one of the bugs, or perhaps another animal nearby)

Or maybe her power is just straight up “inexplicably knowing things she has no business knowing”.


I love your liveblog, and you inspired me to make my own about one of wildbows other works 🙂 keep it up!

Sweet! Good luck with your liveblog!

(If you drop me the url, I can promo it for you!)

[ I later stumbled over Quow’s liveblog of Pact in a Google search ]

Waaait a minute

We have the so far kind of cryptic title Worm

and we have a bug-themed heroine on the lookout for a name

True worms aren’t technically bugs, but… Maybe they count? And a bunch of things that do count as bugs/insects/etc are sometimes informally called worms.

Maybe Taylor’s superhero name isn’t going to be Bug, but Worm!

(#damn it took me a while to think of this
#this is something i should’ve thought of in like 1.1)

Worm is an awesome story and you are an awesome reader! 🙂

Thank you!

I suspect that there really are superhero sports in the Wormverse. Not all the powers can be as destructive as Lung’s – some of them must be more useful for entertainment and practical purposes than for combat. (Though I’d guess any superhero celebrities would tend to not be heroes or villains at all, just random people uninvolved in conflicts.)

Makes sense! It doesn’t help that much in combat if your power is, say, growing your nose super long, Pinocchio-style.

In Olympic pole vaulting, however…

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