Between 14.2-14.3

There seems to be a theme among at least some of the Nine of great potential wasted on evil.

I mean, you’ve got

  • Mannequin, who used to be Sphere, making major progress towards space colonization and helping society in great ways;
  • Siberian, who could quite possibly take out an Endbringer if they tried;
  • Bonesaw, who could save so many lives and improve the bodies of so many good people if she just understood the concepts of consent and bodily integrity, not to mention provide massive insights into the study of powers and create incredibly useful medical technology;
  • Crawler, who is nearly invulnerable and nearly unkillable by anything that does hurt him, and could do so much good by using that huge body of his to protect people;
  • Shatterbird, another real powerhouse;
  • Pinkie Pie, who could bring smiles to so many faces with normal cupcakes;
  • Cherish, who could be used to find missing people and probably to cure certain mental illnesses;
  • Burnscar, who could (…save people from burning buildings by teleporting?) probably have become great too if her power’s intoxicating effect and the Nine hadn’t fucked her over;
  • and, uh, Jack Slash. I don’t know about him. He’s clever, though, so there’s that.

(#these are in order of least to most of a stretch)

I just tried (and failed) to see if I could find a liveblog for MLP:FiM – it seems like that’s much more commonly material for video-based reactions – but I did find this in the list of results: a liveblog of Pact.


I figured this might interest some of you if you weren’t aware of it already. I didn’t click through the link, so I know nothing about this blog (re: activity, quality, etc) beyond the fact that quowreadspact is or was a liveblog of Pact. I just hope this helps some of you find something that might interest you. 🙂

(#i also spotted one of nick’s worm posts in the search results
#i think i might have passed him but i made sure not to read the excerpt just in case
#this was in a search for ‘friendship is magic liveblog’ with ‘liveblog’ in quotation marks
#also quow appears to have another liveblog called quowreadstgab)

[Readers with good memory might remember that quow actually sent me an ask during Gestation, about my liveblog inspiring theirs. I had forgotten about it by this point.]

I did find a liveblog of the other thing I wanted to look for a liveblog of, namely the Wheel of Time series.

holy fuck they’ve gotten through 14 out of 16 books (including the prequel and the companion book) in three years i did not expect to find any bloggers that had gotten past like book 3.

Anyway, the blog is @neuxue if you’re interested too.

(#don’t worry I’m going to blog today too
#but yeah not including the companion book the wot series clocks in at 5.5 homestucks
#or 2.75 worms
#so even though their density seems to be much lower than mine
#getting that far is a feat)

Krixwell, please–as if Bonesaw would need someone else’s help to get pregnant.

True enough. Though even she would probably need someone’s… contribution, to make the child not a clone of herself.

It’s worth noting that the “someone” doesn’t need to be male. Especially if she (also) enlists Amy, who could probably convert X chromosomes to Y chromosomes if she tried.

Just finished an EGS archive binge, so thanks for that. (Maybe I’ll get around to Homestuck eventually.)

Nice! I hope you had fun!

Believe it or not, those were all the asks. Onward to today’s chapter!

2 thoughts on “Between 14.2-14.3

  1. […] I stopped thinking about this, didn’t I. After my first guess for the group’s theme (historical serial killers [here]) didn’t pan out. The only time I’ve taken time to speculate on a wider theme for the group since that, as far as I remember, was when I pointed to most of them having great potential wasted on evil [here]. […]


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