Between 1.6-I1

How do you imagine the Mozart Gang pissed off the Ass Boob Butts?

Hm… Good question. Until the revelation that the Mozarts were bad guys too, I’d sort of assumed that they’d intervened in Lung’s crimes a few times too many, but now, if that’s the case, why would they do that?

Besides, the Mozarts were afraid of Lung, even if they did ultimately decide to fight him. That doesn’t quite add up with “we’ve beaten him many times before”.

It could be a turf war kind of thing, where the Acrophobic Bunker Busters considered the Mozarts’ crimes encroachment on their territory. But I suspect it’s more complicated than that.

Perhaps the Mozarts have stolen something that belonged to Lung, or at least that he thinks belongs to him? Or maybe they beat up some third superpowered goon of his (that the Protectorate doesn’t know about)?

In short, there are quite a few options here and I don’t know which to focus on. I think the theft hypothesis might be the strongest one, or the tuft war, but I’m not sure.

Incidentally, I want to know how the Mozarts “heard about” Lung coming to kill them. Spies/leaks in the Awesome Beach Bodies, or Tattletale’s power?


So, it’s super ironic that we’re getting into all these names for the Alzheimer’s Beach Babes, because there’s a fan joke that involves the author’s screenname (Wildbow) getting malarkeyed into every variation possible, including but not limited to Wildebeest, Wibblybobble, Wabbajack, Woolywop and sundy. Just thought you should know.

Screener Sharks:

Personally my favourite is.

Ahaha, I love it!

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