Between 1.4-1.5

Just FYI, “Lung” is Chinese for “dragon”.

Lung is the Chinese word for dragon iirc

Lung is Chinese for Dragon!

I don’t think it’s a spoiler. Lung is pronounced as Long, and it is chinese for dragon.


oh, tell them lung is called lung bc lung is dragon in chinese

Ahh, I see. That makes sense.

That also puts the name “American Dragon Jake Long” in a new light.


Wildbow actually went to the trouble of 1- creating hero/villain names according to their nationalities, which makes sense. 2- avoid any and all heroes/villains from the main marvel and DC character through the entirety of the story. [censored] did become a character in, I think, Marvel though as the story was going on.


Wildbow really does strike me as someone who, much like Taylor, thinks things through carefully.

I see chapter 1.4 was posted June 21, 2011, which definitely debunks the faint possibility that the Azn Bad Boys, ABB, could be even vaguely inspired by Anders Behring Breivik. That ABB’s child murder spree happened July 22 of the same year.

I didn’t think that hypothesis was particularly likely in the first place, especially considering Behring Breivik isn’t Asian, but it’s good to know for sure.

Man, I’m thick! Dragons, like his name; that’s how Lung’s powers fit together. The fire breath, the claws, the tough scales making them practically invulnerable, enhanced senses (at least hearing)… The armor is even described as scaly, if I recall correctly.

I should probably have figured that out earlier.

(I wonder if he’s got a hoard of something.)

And he’s a Chinese dragon, which I suppose is why he suddenly grew even longer. Though some of his other powers seem more tied to European dragons, so I guess maybe he’s a mixture of the two.

European dragon involvement aside, imagine if he went too far past that rumored stage where he gets wings… he might end up with no other limbs, a really long body and a giant moustache popping out from behind the mask.


I personally think Lung is also kind of appropriate in that he expands and contracts, in a sense.

Ahaha, perfect!


Hey, not meaning to bug Krixwell, just wanting to let him know that we eagerly await his updates. :3 Thank you Krix!!!

As luck would have it, I intend to begin reading chapter 1.5 in just a bit! Just gotta eat breakfast first, and I’ll get started shortly after that. 🙂

I sort of envy you; the first time I read through Worm I didn’t really internet and just assumed Lung was called that because he breathed fire. Also I thought Taylor making her own costume was a pun – “Taylor/Tailor”.

Reasonable assumptions! You might actually be right about the second one, too. 🙂

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