Between I1-2.1


Just wanted to let you know that I look forward to your live blogs, and I’m glad you’re back. Good luck!

Thank you!

AsKoalaAsPossible here again. Congrats on getting through the first arc! I’ve definitely seen a big improvement over the past weeks, and I’m also often entertained / surprised at your predictions. (Not gonna name any, but some of them are actually spot-on). One thing I’d like to see more of is thoughts and predictions, like your take on what something might mean or imply… Though you kind of do that already. I could probably go on forever, but I’m running out of characters. Loving it so far! 🙂

AKAP – PS: One thing I personally don’t like is the constant jokes about Wildbow’s name. That always seemed like a really lazy joke structure to me, or at least a mediocre one that’s been overplayed beyond the point of saturation. This is similar to the “ABB’s real meaning” jokes, but I don’t find that stuff tiring – thinking up funny backronyms is a staple of referential humor.

Thanks! Gestation was quite a nice intro to the world and ways of the story, at least once I got past my first impression of Taylor. It seems like there’s quite a bit of substance to this world, both seen and unseen, so it’ll be interesting to see where Wildbow takes us next.

Thoughts and impressions… Well, that’s kind of the point of this thing, isn’t it? I tend to jot down pretty much all my thoughts in real time as, but I could probably think over certain elements a bit more. I do think that’s going to increase as I learn more about the world and characters and get more to base theories on.

And yeah, you’re right about the Wildbow name thing. I tried it out in the last chapter because someone told me about it in an ask, but it felt way more forced than the Achoo Bon Bons jokes do, and less funny. I honestly don’t think I would’ve kept it up much longer even without this ask.


Hey, just wanna say I love your liveblog, and actually signed up to tumblr just to follow your it. I just wanted to ask however, if it would be possible to put an estimated next read date at the end of every session? It would make following your blog a lot easier. Something as simple as “I’ll probably be posting again in 2 weeks because I’m busy”, and then if you can’t make it just post “can’t make the 2 week read date, I’ll need another week”. Thanks again for doing this!

I’m honored that you would make a Tumblr account just for my silly little it!

But yeah, my bad on that one. I really should’ve said something way earlier.

I don’t want to make a schedule, per se (in part because it’ll just lead to a spiral of guilt when I fail to keep it), but estimates of how long it’ll be until should be doable. I’ll see what I can remember to do!

[From this point on I started making #next posts. Like with the way I set the blog up to be read archivally on Tumblr using tags, these will generally not be included on WordPress except when they’re baked into a session break post, due to their nature as only useful to live readers. Even then I might boil some of those posts down to a “[session end]”.]


Just following up that other guy to say I also made a Tumblr account for this (feeling vaguely like a 15-year-old girl while doing so), and that a “next chapter estimate” would be flipping amazing! I check to see whether there’s an update pretty much every day, and I’m pretty sure when Google starts setting a website in your main home page, it’s telling you that you have a problem.

Haha, nice! Glad to have you on board 🙂

Greek Gods had golden blood, called ichor.

Oh, nice, so I wasn’t entirely off-base with my thoughts that something about them was golden. Good to know!


For your tumblr followers that are anxious about your next liveblogs, on PC you can go to the top of your page and activate notifications, that way their phone will buzz every time you post something. If you are liveblogging they’ll likely get a lot in a row and will know its your liveblog not just a “news” or something like that. Schedules aren’t helpful for everyone.

Yeah, that’s true. You can also enable notifications via the Tumblr app. I use them for pretty much all liveblogs I follow, plus some other blogs. Very handy for blogs where you don’t want to miss a post!

Speaking of which, another handy trick I use for those blogs is that I like every post as I go along in the app (not so much when it’s through browsers, mobile or otherwise). That way I have a bookmark if I come back and several new posts have happened – I stop scrolling when the lower right corner turns red.

TBH I also imagine Armsmaster as Robert Downey Jr

High five!

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