Between 1.2-1.3

Hello, Krixwell, enjoying your read through so far, and hope you stick with it – vicariously enjoying your discovery and thought process as you progress. Do you find the things you have considered to be cliche, trope or just guessable irritating or is that just your stream of thought as you write your impressions? Here from reddit – shark’s thread.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

Generally, most everything is stream of thought, although I do edit things before posting for clarity, sentence quality and such.

Tropes are tools. You can’t write a story without them, so there’s no reason to find tropes in general irritating. However, some tropes can rub a person the wrong way and become irritating on their own, and that’s what happened in 1.1 – several of the tropes in play at least seemed to be ones I found irritating and trite. Or, as I put it back then, cliché.

So I guess it’s a partial yes to finding the clichés irritating, but it’s more that I found them to be clichés because they were irritating than the other way around, if that makes sense.

As for guessable, I have no problem with that. Everything is guessable if you just ask enough people to guess, and besides, some things should be guessable. Otherwise the story just ends up seemingly random, which is not very satisfying to the audience.


Do you think you could disable endless scrolling on your blog? It makes it rather difficult to keep track of one’s place in the chronological view.

Oh hey, it’s Foal! I follow you; you’re a good liveblogger. Any Homestucks in my audience, who haven’t done so already, should go check out @hslivebloggerextraordinaire 🙂

And sure, I’ll fix the endless scrolling. I kind of forgot about that.

(Edit: Endless scrolling should now be off.)


I enjoying the liveblog, but I haven’t noticed anything about it in any of the usual Worm tags, so people on tumblr might not know about it unless they saw the reddit post. Maybe tag the welcome post with #parahumans and #wildbow since they seem to be the main tags. It’s rare to find anything Worm related in the #worm tag, so most people don’t check.

Oh, I see! Thanks for the heads up; I’ll go back and change some tags in a bit, maybe remove #worm entirely (if I can do so without going into every post individually – I haven’t used the mass post editor much) and replace it with #parahumans. Or at least add the latter.

Or maybe, since I most of the time make one post per paragraph, it might be better if I only do it to the intro post and the chapter bookends (i.e. the first and last posts in the chapters, the latter already being tagged #chapter thoughts). This way I’d have a presence without “flooding the tag”, as some people complain livebloggers do. It’s a silly complaint for large fandoms like Homestuck, but I get the impression that the Worm fandom is on the small side.

Now, I wonder if people go on the #worm tag to look for worms and get annoyed at my presence there… ehh. Unless I get complaints about that, I’ll keep tagging the usual posts #worm, for /chrono purposes.

Hi – I’m thrilled that you are sharing this. Absolutely wonderful job so far, and the subject matter (worm) is one of the best stories I’ve ever read. Privileged to be able to share in your read through. So question for you, what would you say are the odds you stick with it? I will share this with other friends who loved worm if you’re fairly certain you are sticking with it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to witness the first couple and hope you have also.

The thing is, I’m really not good at keeping up my projects if it gets… stale. Comes with ADD; my ability to start doing something is exponentially tied to my enjoyment and interest in it. Here, “start doing something” includes starting on a new chapter.

If the story keeps up, however, or gets better as people keep implying or just straight up saying, I don’t think we have to worry too much. So far, this is a lot of fun for me – even chapter 1.1 was fun to liveblog even if I didn’t particularly like it.

There’s also a sense of obligation that can help drive me forwards. I’ve started this thing, now people want me to continue, so why not give them what they want? So far, this is a good thing.

My pace might slow down a little (because a chapter even at this point takes all day, and there are other things I’d like to do too), but I should be able to keep this alive, at least for a while.


I’m so happy you’re reading one of my favorite things in the world! And I completely understand your frustrations about unanswered questions. Wildbow often presents something that gets solved way later in the story, and then everything makes sense. Also, fair warning, there are some pretty odd or dumb names ahead, to be expected w/ superhero stuff.

Excellent. I love both of these things.

(#well i did say i like homestuck and su didn’t i)

An entire day huh? I know tumblr likes to be slow on allowing comments through. The few other reads of worm out there generally have the person’s reaction to the whole chapter in a single post. Wouldn’t that benefit the time it consumes? I never liveblogged before, so I generally don’t know.

I think a gradual release is more my… style, kinda? Also, I think big chapter posts might make me more likely to procrastinate.

Procrastination aside, I do think it might cut down the time just a little, but only by the time it takes to tag the posts.

So yeah, I don’t think it’d work better for me specifically, but thanks for the suggestion!


I’m really enjoying reading through your liveblog! It’s interesting to see someone do this like, line by line commentary

I’m glad you enjoy it! It’s fun to do, too 🙂

I noticed that initial “things I know about worm” list you posted did not mention length, so I hope you were aware of how long it is when you decided to liveblog it. (if you’re not aware, it’s somewhere around 1.8 million words iirc.)

I’ve become gradually more aware of its size since I started, and I still didn’t know it was that big!

Granted, Sharks says it’s 1.6 million rather than 1.8, but that’s still about twice as long as Homestuck (which is 817925 words long, plus animations). Daaamn is this project gonna take a long time if I’m to get through the entire text. Especially if I keep up the current level of detail…

But hey, I’m gonna try!

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