Between 2.9-I2

Regent’s power is underrated, in my opinion. By the characters, but by the author too. Many powers counter it (being super tough, having minions, etc), but he’d stomp all over any 2 guys whose powers didn’t. Especially if he had the resolve to learn how to fight. All it takes to get taken out in a fight is a mistake at the wrong time, and when someone can *make you make mistakes*, they’re pretty much golden.

Yeah, that’s incredibly useful!


So who’s your favorite / most interested in Undersider? Alec has always been my favorite.

Discounting Taylor, I think my favorite is Brian, mainly because of what he’s like as a person. Lisa is very interesting too.

Mostly I’ve heard people refer to it as TaylorxBrian, Grue/Taylor, nothing fancy

Well, ain’t that boring. 😛


Knowing that someone, somewhere just mentioned a Worm tv series on the internet made the collective Parahumans fanbase go into shudders of ecstacy. There’s a lively debate as to whether it’d work better as an HBO live action show or as a high quality animation.

Ahaha, nice! I think live action would suit the style of the serial better, but it’d need some pretty good special effects, stunt people and wound makeup (since we need fights where people don’t hold back to look right) to pull it off. Animation would certainly be easier to do well.

Yeah body means the torso there. I think it’s a fighting/martial art distinction? Like in boxe a body blow is a punch to the torso.

Huh. I guess that’s fair.

Can you expand on your reaction to the “They seem like good people” line? It’s a really interesting line, and “Well damn.” can mean a lot of things. Thank you!


“They seem like good people,” I lied.

I think the handgun bit is important to understanding this line. At this point, the company of the Undersiders is starting to grow on Taylor, and she just used the word “friends” about them for the first time even though she wasn’t being quite honest at the time. Then she sees the gun, and she’s reminded of the rational reason she’s there in the first place: These people are villains. They’re not good people, by Taylor’s standards, no matter how much she’s starting to like some of them.

Confronting that is not going to be easy. I think that’s one of the things I really like about this setup: Taylor is going to have to choose. Morality and loneliness, or villainy and friendship?

She has a strong moral compass, something we’ve known all the way since 1.1, but friendship is something she really needs these days.

I’ve made it utterly clear which one I hope she chooses, but I’m not certain she actually will.

Your blog has got me regularly Googling “Norway time”. 😛 I understand that your predicted-times-for-next-updates aren’t definitive, but every time a day you planned an update for comes up, I definitely get hyped.

Heh, I’m glad you enjoy it! If it helps, I tend to start liveblogging around 6-7 PM CET (5-6 PM UTC, noon-1 PM EST), though not always.

they’re good villains, krox

Yes. Yes they are.

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