Between I2-…I2?

[Reddit] T0X1CF1R3:

At first I was YESS finally!

Then I was Oh…

Then it got hilarious.

Good job krixwell


[Reddit] serimachi:

This was delightful and really made me smile. Please pass along that the Redditors loved it.

Hehe, glad you liked it! 😀

[Reddit] DemosthenesKey:

Tell Krixwell I love him. And also that I hate him.

I have complicated feelings towards Krixwell, is what I’m saying.

Mwahahahaha… 😉

[Here’s a thing I didn’t originally put on the blog… I didn’t tell Sharks about my plans in advance, so she made a Reddit post genuinely thinking I was on Interlude 2. Alongside the screenshots transcribed above, I got this:

[Discord] Sharks:

Damn it Krixwell you made me look like a fool


…fun times. :P]

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