Fanart between 3.1-3.2

[Disclaimer: None of the below art is mine. It is included here for review purposes and will be removed if requested by the artists. Please go check out / support the artists where they can be found.]

[Originally, all the art pieces were at the top of the post, with a list of the artists below.]
Here’s a repository of fanart that was submitted by @coruscantknave!
I’m loving all of these! There are a lot of different styles in play here and they’re all used really well.

Kingdaume’s work lies on the edge between cartoonish and realistic, and gives sort of a, uh… Harry Potter vibe? I have no idea why exactly it makes me think of Harry Potter though, so it’s probably safe to conclude that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Great art nonetheless.

Sandara’s art of Taylor’s face surrounded by insects is very serene, and despite the realistic style, doesn’t trigger my phobia towards insects like images of situations like that likely would. I think that might be because it’s so clear that Taylor is in control here – she’s not being swarmed, she’s in charge of the swarm, and this art conveys that beautifully.

Wolfofragnarok seems to have gone for an Asian-inspired style for the Asian character of Lung, and it fits really well. I also really like the fire texture – you can really tell that things are getting hot around here.

Drunkfu’s grayscale is very fitting for the story as a whole, and their poses are very dynamic. You can really feel that Taylor is moving in both of the pieces featuring her, and even with Grue’s standing pose, it feels to me like he just stopped moving and took off his helmet. Also, damn it must’ve taken a while to draw all those insects in the Taylor vs. Rachel drawing.

Lonsheep’s drawing of Armsmaster captures the technological side of the character, but there’s also a kind of medieval feel to it, which suits the character’s use of a technologically enhanced medieval weapon. I feel like Armsmaster is essentially a high-tech medieval knight, and that’s the impression this work gives me too.

Meanwhile, Liujuin seems to place more emphasis on the modern side of the character. Where Lonsheep makes the suit look more like medieval armor, Liujuin goes for the robotic Iron Man-esque look. I really like the use of the dark, empty street and the distant skyscrapers to set the mood.

A couple of pieces that didn’t fit in the previous post.

[Tumblr has a 10-image limit for the collage at the top of a photo post.]

In Aerryi’s art of Victoria/Glory Girl and Amy/Panacea, I love the simplicity of the background and the color palette. The soft red and white, with outlines of the other color, dominate the image and make it rather pleasing to the eye, while the girls’ skin, hair, etc. provide splashes of other colors that help them stand out. I really like how the whites of their respective outfits match, too, and sort of blends the two of them together. They share a connection, and you can see that.

Where Aerryi’s drawing is calm and bright, Neoworm’s is dark and action-packed. The enormous swarm in the background, along with the head-on masked death stare in the foreground, really drives home how powerful Taylor is and that this is not someone to mess with.


Oni Lee:

I glanced at his picture [on Parahumans Online]. His costume consisted of a black bodysuit with a black bandoleer and belt for his knives, guns and grenades. The only color on him was an ornate Japanese-style demon mask, crimson with two green stripes down either side. Except for the mask, his costume gave off the distinct impression of a ninja, which just added weight to the notion that this was a guy who could and would slide a knife between your ribs.


Bakuda was a new entry, added to the ABB wiki page just ten days ago. The picture only showed her from the shoulders up, a girl with straight black hair, large opaque goggles over her eyes and a metal mask with a gas mask styled filter covering the lower half of her face. A braided cord of black, yellow and green wires looped over one of her shoulders. I couldn’t pinpoint her ethnicity with the mask and goggles, and her age wasn’t any easier to figure out.

This is really cool. Nice touch with the camera looking from the back!

Oni Lee’s demon mask looks genuinely terrifying.

Apparently this is also by Aerryi, like the piece with the Dallon sisters. Clearly Aerryi can do wildly varied styles well. 🙂

Another piece by Neoworm, this time of Armsmaster, huh? Nice. It kind of reminds me of Power Rangers, which I suppose is to be expected with an outfit like this. 🙂

By cactusfantastico.
Oh man, I really like the style here. It reminds me of some beasts from Scandinavian folklore. You don’t mess with Taylor when she’s drawn in this style.

By Neoworm.
Eep, that’s scary. Not something you’d like to be the last thing you see before all your senses fail you. It would only reinforce your fear that you’re already dead.

By LinaLeeZ.

Oh, she knows so many things about you that you haven’t told anyone.

You can tell.

By Pabel and Nine.
Regent is pretty damn fancy!

By Saniika.
She’s really shining! I love the color use in this one and how it makes her actually look, well, glorious.

By Saniika.
There’s a pretty strong contrast between this one and the one of Victoria, much like between the characters themselves. Also can I hug Amy and cheer her up a little, please?

By Pabel and Nine.
That is so damn adorable, I love it. Happy little family!

Submitter: Shouldn’t count as spoilers.

Sharks: [Screener’s note: I think this may be my favourite piece of fan-art yet.]

Looks like all the exercise paid off! Everyone is so buff – it’s kinda cool, really. 🙂

Another piece that was submitted to me, this time of the Undersiders out of costume. I don’t know who drew it.

I really like the style here. It certainly doesn’t hurt that everyone looks just about how I imagined them, either.

Also, Lisa is very cute.

And finally for last night (I fell asleep while making this post, whoops), there’s this piece of art by cactusfanatico, of Taylor considering her life decisions. I love the way her thoughtfulness comes across through her pose and expression.

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