Fanart between AT11-12.1

[Part 2 of the enormous dump from HWIUM.]


By liujuin.

Sharks: The spider’s from a fic, not canon, which is why I’m not calling this spoilery.

I love these pieces. That spider is super cute! I also really like the poses, with Taylor seeming to lean forward a bit, Coil visibly scheming (the mug is a nice touch) and Tattletale being her usual confident and cheerful self. 🙂

Coil is a tall, thin, faceless man who’s abducted a child. He’s Slenderman.

How the hell did it take me this long to make that connection??


By Neoworm.

Oh, nice – I’ve seen two of the pieces in the first image before (here and here), but since they were five months apart, I didn’t realize they had the same background, let alone that they were part of a set.

As for the last piece, I really like the way Miss Militia’s green energy is drawn. Also, her design here is neat – simple but effective.

And then there’s the Rachel piece – I’m not gonna lie, for a second I didn’t realize that was her mask in the center and was wondering why one of Rachel’s dogs was wearing a jacket. 😛

It’s a pretty awesome mask. Way more fitting to Rachel’s personality than other mask designs I’ve seen for her. Also, the hellhounds in the background look great. 🙂


By sgcassidy.

I like the style here, with a single character on the right side in each image, acting as a sort of representative for the story whose title is in the background.

But I think my favorite part of this is Taylor’s badass pose and hair in the wind effect. She looks really cool there, looking forward at the remaining three quarters of the story that are still yet to come, the “W”, “O”, and “R”.

No, I realize that’s not what she’s looking at, but I’ve passed the quarter mark of the story, so I couldn’t resist. I do get the sense that she’s looking forward, ready to face the future, though.

Also is Brian making the title in the background out of his darkness? If that’s a conscious design choice, that’s a really neat touch.

(#the use of ‘a web serial’ #(or now ‘a complete web serial’) #as a subtitle amuses me
#’harry potter and the philosopher’s stone – a complete book’
#’die hard – a movie’
#’homestuck – a… uh… thing’)


[comic] “Make the World Taste Good” by Pericardium

Coil: Just answer this one last question, pet.
Coil: Then you’ll get your candy.
Coil: I promise.

Dinah: Twelve point five five eight three percent.

Coil, to Pitter: Give her what she wants.

[Dinah is seen eating Tide pods.]

Hah! Well, at least it’ll…

…tide her over.


(#but seriously kids #don’t try this at home)


By scarfgirl.

The artstyles here are quite distinctive! I really like the cartoonish but detailed look of the Bitch piece, and the interaction between the bigger hellhound and the framing. Also, is the dobermann thinking about biting Rachel’s forearm?

As for the Mannequin piece, it quite nicely captures how inhuman his stances are, especially with the extended arm. 🙂


By kuraitormentus.

Eidolon is pretty awesome, and so is this art. I especially like the one with Leviathan, due to the fantastic positioning. It really makes Leviathan feel like the threat he is, but at the same time the character going “Into the Storm” (as the piece is titled judging by the image url I was given) still looks powerful, not helpless. Being Eidolon, that makes sense.


By kesha9.

Excellent depictions of the two major capes introduced in Arc 1! I quite like the detail work here, especially the attention given to Lung’s tattoos.


By icehippo.


I really love the colors and drawing style of the Undersider group piece. It really makes it feel like a happy family drawing, and it’s nice to see the OG doggos included under the Undersiders label, as part of that happy family.

As for Mannequin, again we have him in an inhuman pose with one arm at the floor, which is still neat, but I think my favorite thing about this one is how his fingers are also in quite unnatural positions. It’s a nice touch.

By lonsheep.

Where do I even begin? Let’s take this from the top, I suppose.

I’ve always been a fan of lonsheep’s square single-character portraits with the character’s signatures on them. I really like that format, and the art lonsheep puts in them is always great. These are no exception.


Battery looks very cool, and I love that it’s animated. That’s a very neat touch. 🙂


Then we have a knight and his angel. Seeing them together like this honestly helps sell me on the ship. I like the contrast between his imposing armor and her slender, angelic figure. RIP Gallant.


As for the colorful piece next to them [the images were originally gathered at the top of the post], Sharks described it as a meme, but I’m afraid I don’t recognize it. I’m not entirely sure who that is, either – Faultline, perhaps? Whoever it is, and whatever the meme is, I quite like the colors here.


Then there’s what Sharks described as “another meme” (which I mention only because it makes it clear that it’s not a matter of confusion as to which piece that was about): Taylor dabbing on the haters. I love that, honestly – it’s pretty much exactly what she’s done, in spirit. 😛


And finally, the Bay Bulletin. This one practically warrants a “where do I even start” of its own – there is so much to appreciate in this one.

From the calm a couple months before the storm, to Danny’s pet issue of the ferry being addressed, to the Valentine’s ad, to Dauntless rescuing a cat being prioritized over Dauntless rescuing his owner, to Danny being quoted as spokesman for the Dockworkers’ Union, to Kaiser’s company showing up as a sponsor for a ticket raffle, to Piggot’s fantastic dodging of the interviewer’s question (she’s practically saying “it would be out of character for me to give you a straight and honest answer to that”, which is great), to even the detail that the Bay Bulletin is apparently a very old newspaper (it’s at least 95 years old if it never came out multiple times a day)…

It just overall feels really genuine while tying into the setting and characters we’ve come to know and love, and it’s filled to the brim with nice touches. Good work!

Artists in order:

everwander, ImSkeptical, TaylorHebert, Morag Lewis, Sawitry, tomgizz, Atlan, Ymira, jellytier

Seriously, this fandom has so many great artists.


everwander’s character art is super cute. The little icons to represent each of them are a neat touch, too!


The style and detail of ImSkeptical’s piece reminds me of a video game. In fact, I’m not entirely sure it’s not a screenshot of redecorated NPCs from a game like Fallout or Skyrim (though the surroundings don’t seem to fit into Skyrim). Either way, though, it’s really cool!


TaylorHebert’s selfie is pretty neat. I like the “half-and-half” style of art to highlight dual identities or different sides of a character, and this is a well done example of that. 🙂


Morag Lewis’ Undersiders group piece is another cool and cute one. I especially like Taylor and Aisha here – Aisha’s got a great expression, and Taylor is very cute in this art style.


Sawitry hits me right in the fave with a really good Tattletale. I’m not sure what exactly she’s doing there with that rope, but it’s neat. I really like the colors too!


tomgizz’s rendition of Bakuda is certainly easier to take seriously than the outfit she showed up in in Shell. She looks awesome! I like the scribbly style.


Atlan’s Narwhal looks like a badass wingless crystal fairy of some sort, and I like that. She looks totally in control of whatever situation she’s in. I also like the blur effect.


And then there’s Ymira’s Tattletale. She’s super cute, and I hope she’s enjoying her reading. 🙂


And finally, we’ve got jellytier’s Burnscar. It’s a pretty nice design. I like the fact that her feet are covered in soot, which is something I didn’t think about but which makes a lot of sense.

I don’t know who drew these. If you know who the artist is for any of these pieces, please let me know so I can credit properly.


First off we have the man who can wield a bearing-sword-sized, or bigger, blade as effortlessly as a dagger, provided it started out as one. I like the use of different blade sizes in the piece to illustrate his power. (Update: This piece is by synapsekisses)


The first Burnscar is cute but with a melancholic look in her eyes despite her smile, which I think is perfect for the character. I also like the fire and the use of the burn scars in the turns of the S.


Some might think of the second Burnscar’s apparent lack of legs as a result of laziness or the artist’s lack of faith in their ability to draw legs. They might be right, but I honestly don’t think that detracts from the quality of the art. Burnscar seemingly ending with the fire-like tatters of her dress honestly seems kind of appropriate. I also particularly like the hair and the fire. 🙂


And finally, we have an Undersider group shot. They’re looking a little worse for wear with those scars, but I suppose that’s a thing that happens when you’re out being teenage parahuman ninja turtles. Uh, criminals. I totally meant criminals. Anyway, I like the colors and lineart – hair in particular looks great in this style.

[Not fanart, but I’m throwing this in here because I’d have to make an entirely separate WP post to contain this otherwise.]

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W O R M ?

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  1. […] If that’s the case, I should note that I probably know the mayor’s name, unless there’s been a change of office since February. Roy Christner, may have an assistant named Joanna Walsh. I don’t recall if either of those names have been mentioned in the story yet (Christner’s name may have been mentioned in relation to Danny’s ferry issue. Blog search doesn’t find either surname, but it has also just now been reinforcing that it’s unreliable.), but they did slip through in a piece of fanart once [here]. […]


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