Fanart between 6.7-6.8

[submission] MH-player:

Some dauntless fanart here:

These are all really cool!

Neoworm seems to have gone for somewhat different coloration of Dauntless’ armor than the other two, and I have to say I kinda like it. I do like the shiny bronze(?) armor, too, but the darker colors Neoworm went with fit the overall tone of that picture much better than I think the bronze would. This is clearly someone who knows how to work with colors. And also backgrounds – those clouds are fantastic, and I appreciate the added detail of depicting the Protectorate HQ out there. 🙂

I really like how the white energy is portrayed in all three, but especially in Lonsheep’s. The closeup really allows the crackling of the spear’s energy to shine, in more than one sense of the word. Other than that, I really like the shading in this one, and the use of the deltas (both in the name and as an insignia) is a neat touch that helps solidify the ties to Greece without going all the way to writing the entire name in Greek letters.

YunYunHakusho also does great things with color and shading, but I think what I like most about their art here is the dynamic posing, and how it ties into the heroes themselves:

– Battery rushes in, time to get into the action.
– Dauntless is also starting to move forward (though he can’t keep up with Battery), but he’s a mixed ranged/defensive fighter while using the equipment we’ve seen. As such, he stands in front of the others so he can protect them, and is ready to advance the front like a true hoplite soldier.
– Armsmaster is rather versatile, though primarily offensive, so he’s next. He’s not as prone as Battery to rushing in, instead being more cautious and willing to pursue non-combat solutions.
– Miss Militia is also versatile, but gives the impression of being most comfortable with guns, which are ranged. Therefore, she’s in the back, ready to give the others bullet cover. She’s also kneeling next to Armsmaster, whom she’s turned out to be pretty much in cahoots with.
– It’s a little less clear why Assault is hanging all the way back with a relatively casual pose. It might tie into an aspect of his character I haven’t seen yet, I guess.

I guess that analysis was kind of unnecessary, and maybe I’m overthinking it – but my point is, you can tell a fair bit of thought was put into the posing and placement of the characters in this piece, and I really like the result of that.

[I don’t recall whether or not I mentioned it on the blog, but some time around Arc 11, I met YunYunHakusho on Discord. They confirmed that I was indeed overthinking this. :P]

(#cahoooooooots #cahoots i say)

(by /u/monkeyjay)

Oh man, these are so cool!

I have to admit, it was tricky to figure out whether these were pictures of cosplayers or traditional/digital art. In fact, I’m still not 100% sure, so maybe I’m about to make a fool of myself as I go on to say how awesome it is that Monkeyjay managed to make them look so real!

It kind of reminds me of my reaction to this piece of Star Wars art, actually. 🙂

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