Between 6.7-6.8

There are alternate grammatical rules for words spelled out with bugs : )

Ahh, yes, of course. 😉

[Screenshot of a Tumblr dashboard, showing my reply to the ask about ultrasound from here, above an ad for “Ultrasonic Pest Reject” (featuring an image of a lot of spiders on a wall). Captioned: “somehow both the most and least relevant possible advertisement” by the submitter.]

Hah, nice!

Besides being a type of Greek ghost, several online dictionaries have a second definition of Eidolon: an idealized person or thing.

Ooh, that’s very interesting. I suppose it makes sense, then, that Wikipedia used Helen of Troy – possibly the most idealized person in all of ancient Greek literature – as an example… although that was specifically for the apparition variant.

…if I remember correctly, the article indicated uncertainty about whether Helen was an apparition. I guess this would be the source of that uncertainty – I can absolutely imagine Homer using the word to describe her as the idealized character she was and then that getting mistranslated or misinterpreted.

As for Worm implications… Eidolon, or whoever named them, might either consider them perfect (discarding the implication “idealized” has about being at least somewhat unjustified), or as someone a lot of people would idealize. Possibly someone who appears flawless (due to their power, most likely) but is very aware of their own shortcomings and darker sides?

It’s probably worth noting that Eidolon would almost certainly have gained the name long before ending up in the Triumvirate and getting idolized by people like Taylor.

Hm… “idealized person or thing

Another potential explanation for Eidolon’s name: Maybe they have the power to create powerful MacGuffins – which is to say, maybe they can make objects compellingly attractive (or make new objects that are), so that everyone wants them. Apples of Discord, essentially.

By the way, that last post was somewhat delayed by the discovery that the MLP:FiM Wiki has some really funny image captions in the gallery for Lesson Zero. And apparently it’s not just that episode, either. 😛



you know, worm is actually really good at giving characters voices


i’ve read stuff done in similar styles that makes the protagonist seem cold and calculating, a Machiavellian hero even when they really aren’t that

but taylor and how she sees things really works

it’s a credit to wildbow

Anthyding Can Krixpun:

Hm… yeah, I suppose. Taylor is calculating, but she’s not really cold, although it can certainly seem that way whenever she convinces herself enough that an action is justified that she detaches herself from it. And even then, she goes “I’ll make it up to them later” if the victim is someone she thinks should be on her good side someday.


So krixwell of the names you’ve heard but don’t know their powers yet, which one are you most looking forward to

Ooh, hm. This is a tricky one…

I guess I don’t have a particularly strong opinion on this at the moment, but by virtue of them being part of the Triumvirate, them having an interesting and unusual name and me having discussed said name’s implications over multiple posts recently, I’m currently kind of intrigued by Eidolon. 🙂


Handmaid of Ʊpsilon:

I found an incorrect worm quotes tumblr

inquiryFenestrator [me]:


Handmaid of Ʊpsilon:

no point in posting them anywhere tho cause nobody but me does anything in the worm spoilers channel

which is where most of them go

CHILD: hey miss, would you like a puppy?

BITCH: [pulls out a knife] No, but I’ll take one!

CHILD: Okay!

BITCH: I’m going to cherish and care for this dog, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!

BITCH: [maniacally laughing as she walks away, snuggling the puppy]

this one is okay tho




[Discord, in a different server]

The Fish Formerly Known as Shark:

Skitter: I hope you’re not tired of listening to my problems. The last thing I want is to give the impression that everything revolves around my various romantic hurdles.

Tattletale: Revolve around? It’s a bit late for that, Taylor.

Tattletale: Your love life is a black hole and we are all being dragged screaming through its event horizon.

Anthyding Can Krixpun:


The Fish Formerly Known as Shark:

I love this blog.

SKITTER: Is this a bad idea? Cool as our benefactor?

REGENT: Oh, hang on a second, let me ask the money. [makes his hand a telephone] Hey money, it’s me, Alec. I’m good, I’m good. Yeah, thanks for asking. Say, can I still pay my bills and buy stuff with you, even though you were Coil’s money first? Uh huh. [laughs] Yeah, okay then. Thanks.

REGENT: The money doesn’t care.

So @incorrect-wormquotes came up on two Discord servers I’m in today. Funny stuff! 😛

[If I recall correctly, it turned out that this happened because one of the two people talking about it had just introduced the other to the blog.]



btw, super embarrassing story: the first time I tried to read Worm, I gave up on it halfway through the first chapter before even realizing it was a superhero story and reading your liveblog of it is kind of hilarious because you made the exact same mistake I did, you just had more patience, probably due to the liveblog format. myself, I came back to it a few months later (unfortunately somewhat more spoilered than before :P) and now it’s probably my favorite story!


Not gonna lie, if I weren’t liveblogging (and also minorly spoiled on it going from “high school drama to the much more uplifting bombed out city” soon enough, but not on how – that’s where my theories on worm monsters and such came from) I probably would’ve quit too. I mean, you saw how negatively I reacted to the first impression 1.1 gave me. I would’ve very likely discarded it as something I didn’t want to read, if I hadn’t given myself a reason to keep going.

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